Mirchi Khushir Pujo Awards Best Puja Pandal Amid Glamour And Glitz

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Kolkata : 98 Pujas, 3 Cities, 1 Unforgettable Experience Every Year, almost as a rule, Durga Puja inspires us to essay something of the never-seen-before kind. This year’s Puja festivities propelled Mirchi to embark on a mission of the 98 kind! From celebrity interviews to food, from Puja passes to being live in the city’s ears 24/7, Mirchi aimed to touch every base this Puja.

It began under the gigantically magnificent umbrella of Mirchi-te Matripokkho with 98 as its watchword. The all-encompassing Puja experience was narrated by 98 celebrities.

This was augmented by tie-ups with 98 Pujas across 3 cities: Kolkata, Asansol and Siliguri, and 98 facets of engagements with the audience. Mirchi-te Matripokkho had a something for everyone.

The aficionados of history and heritage found what they wanted in Mirchi’s coverage of historical family-Pujas of Kolkata, and the Puja special series Thakurdalan that explained the fascinating history behind the Puja customs.

Those with an affinity for Para Pujas got a wealth of content in our coverage of several public Pujas of the city. And for people in love with pandal hopping, Mirchi produced its unique Puja kit replete with a detailed map and 98 passes to top-draw Pujas.

The fantastic festivities received the fillip of dance and music with the Mirchi Khushir Puja song and music video. Such was its charm and vibe that even the celebs came forward and exhibited their superlative dance moves. It was released on YouTube to thunderous applause.

Mirchi Khushir Puja Finale provided a fitting finale to this magnificent array of activities where the winners from the on-ground leg of the event came together to share their happiness on a larger scale.

The happy faces emboldened Mirchi to make a promise: to come back next year with a bigger splash.

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