Desun Hospital Addresses 40% Surge in Asthma Cases during Winter

Healthcare Kolkata

Kolkata: Dr. Sourav Dutta, Consultant Respiratory Medicine at Desun Hospital, raises concerns over a significant 40% rise in asthma cases among both outdoor and indoor patients, predominantly attributed to the winter season. The hospital’s respiratory department has observed a notable increase in respiratory distress cases, highlighting the urgent need for public awareness and preventive measures.

Dr. Dutta emphasizes the critical impact of winter conditions on respiratory health, urging individuals to take proactive steps to safeguard themselves. He advises those experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, or chest discomfort to seek prompt medical attention to prevent complications.

Desun Hospital commits to provide specialized care for respiratory conditions and advocates for community collaboration to address this surge in asthma prevalence. The hospital encourages individuals to adopt precautionary measures, such as staying warm, using air purifiers, and avoiding exposure to pollutants, to mitigate the seasonal impact on respiratory health.

Desun Hospital is commits to address the concerning surge in asthma cases during winter. Through awareness, preventive measures, and specialized care. They strive to safeguard respiratory health and promote well-being in the community, said Shaoli Dutta, Director, Desun Hospital.

As winter intensifies, Desun Hospital reiterates its dedication to raising awareness, offering expert medical care, and collaborating with the community to alleviate the burden on respiratory health.

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