Spine Research Foundation organizes event to raise awareness about spinal deformities

Healthcare Kolkata

Kolkata: Spine Research Foundation (SRF) is organized a program that has been arranged to raise an awareness on spinal deformities and to share some poignant patient stories which have a strong message to carry home. There was a panel discussion on the challenges faced to get a proper treatment for spinal disorders. Eminent panellists include Dr. Apurba Ghosh (Lead Paediatrician, Institute of Child Health), Dr. Indrajit Sardar (Lead Orthopaedic Surgeon, Nightingale Hospital), Dr. Indranil Sanyal (Pathologist and Novelist), Dr Kamaleswar Mukherjee (Film Director, Actor and Physician), Dr. Jyoti Chatterjee (Nuclear Scientist), Biplab Dasgupta (Film Actor) and Debshankar Haldar (theatre personality).

The program also witnessed a novel interaction with children who had suffered from major spinal deformities and had been treated through SRF. They shared their stories regarding the severe financial challenges they had and how spinal surgeries have changed their lives, enabling them to live normally, enjoy life to the fullest extent and contribute to their family upliftment.

The interaction was followed by a one-act play, Alor Disha, the theme which revolves around a little girl affected with a severe spinal deformity known as ‘Scoliosis’ and how she survives and the fight to achieve stardom, coming to terms with her anguish in family life.

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