Truecaller and Microsoft Come Together to Innovate on The Next Frontier of AI Voice Technologies

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Truecaller is proud to announce a partnership with Microsoft to utilize the new Personal Voice technology from Microsoft Azure AI Speech. Truecaller’s AI Assistant, first introduced Sep 2022, already incorporates a multitude of AI technologies that can automatically answer phone calls for you, screen calls, take messages, respond on your behalf, or record the call for your later viewing.

Truecaller and Microsoft partner to Innovate on The Next Frontier of AI Voice Technologies

With the addition of Microsoft Azure AI Speech’s Personal Voice, users of the Truecaller Assistant can now create a completely digital version of their own voice to use inside the Assistant. This means that if you already have Assistant on your Truecaller app, you can have your callers hear a replicated and authentic version of your voice instead of one of the many digital assistants on offer. This is being rolled out gradually across all of Truecaller’s markets.

Truecaller is the early access partner for Personal Voice and a working demo for this new feature has just been showcased at the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle. You can read about this on Microsoft’s community hub here.

By integrating Microsoft Azure AI Speech’s personal voice capability into Truecaller, weve taken a significant step towards delivering a truly personalized and engaging communication experience.The personal voice feature allows our users to use their own voice, enabling the digital assistant to sound just like them when handling incoming calls. This groundbreaking capability not only adds a touch of familiarity and comfort for the users but also showcases the power of AI in transforming the way we interact with our digital assistants.”

Were thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft on this exciting project and leverage their expertise in text-to-speech and AI technologies. The seamless integration process and the exceptional support provided by the Microsoft team have been instrumental in bringing this feature to life” said, Raphael Mimoun, Product Director & General Manager, Truecaller Israel.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Azure AI, the personal voice feature will revolutionize the way our users manage their calls and elevate their overall experience with Truecaller Assistant. We look forward to further exploring the potential of AI-powered voice technologies in partnership with Microsoft and delivering even more innovative solutions to our global user base.

To learn more about this feature read about it on our official blog and community.

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