Ticket Examiner Brutally Assaulted By a Ticketless Passanger at Barasat Railway Station

Eastern Railway Kolkata West Bengal

Kolkata : Ticket Examiner was brutally beaten by a ticketless passenger at Barasat Railway Station on Saturday evening. Reportedly, the incident occurred at around 3:00 PM at Platform no 1 of Barasat, when the Ticket Examiner, Nirmalya Chatterjee, CIT/Barasat, asked the passenger to show his ticket.

The passenger refused to show the ticket and started thrashing the on duty ticket examiner. The situation escalated quickly, leading to a physical assault in which the ticketless passenger severely beat the Ticket Examiner.

Fellow passengers and Railway Protection Force (RPF) present at the station promptly intervened and apprehended the accused. He has been arrested and is being booked under relevant sections of the law. The injured Ticket Examiner was immediately sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. He is currently under observation.

Sealdah Division will take all necessary steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur again. All passengers are requested to kindly cooperate with railway employees, who are performing their duties for safety and convenience of the passengers. Violence against railway staff will not be tolerated.

Kausik Mitra, CPRO/ Eastern Railway condemns this act of violence against on duty Railway employees in the strongest possible terms. The safety and security of on duty Railway staff is paramount.

All the rail travellers are requested to behave like a responsible citizen and show human attitude to all on duty Railway staff who are looking after the safe journey of the passengers tirelessly.

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