DRM Sealdah conducted night surprise inspection at Namkhana station.

Eastern Railway Railway West Bengal

Kolkata: Deepak Nigam, Divisional Railway Manager/Sealdah, conducted surprise night inspection at Namkhana Station in the night of 9 /10 December, 2023. The primary objective of this surprised visit was to check the alertness of staff engaged in the operation of trains such as to ensure highest standards of safety over Sealdah division.

During the Night inspection, the Divisional Railway Manager/Sealdah assessed the working knowledge and safety consciousness of the on-duty Gate keeper of Sealdah-Namkhana Section, Station Master in the Panel Room, availability of safety equipment, safety apparatus and also the minimum amenities required at work places.

In order to gain comprehensive understanding of operational dynamics, he actively engaged with the dedicated on-duty staff.

Subsequently Deepak Nigam extended his inspection at Booking Office, where he checked the available equipment, essential documents, other functional Passenger amenities available at Namkhana station and interacted with the passengers also. He also stressed upon maintaining clean and green environment around working place.

This proactive initiative shows Sealdah Division’s unwavering dedication to meet the needs and ensuring the well-being of esteemed Railway passengers.

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