Eastern Railway’s RPF Takes Proactive Steps To Ensure Passenger Safety And Comfort Amidst Summer Rush

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Kolkata: As the summer season brings a surge in travel across Eastern Railway’s network with innumerable Summer Special trains, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) is diligently working to enhance passenger safety and comfort. With a commitment to ensuring smooth journeys for all travellers, Eastern Railway’s RPF in Howrah Division has implemented several proactive measures.

To streamline the entry process into general class coaches, RPF personnel are stationed at originating stations, managing queues efficiently. These trained personnel not only facilitate orderly boarding but also offer assistance to passengers as needed.

Moreover, Eastern Railway has bolstered its surveillance capabilities by deploying skilled RPF staff in CCTV control rooms. This strategic placement enables real-time monitoring of crowded areas, allowing swift intervention in case of any emergencies or issues.

Recognizing the importance of crowd management, RPF staff are strategically positioned at foot-over bridges during peak times. Their presence ensures the smooth flow of passengers and helps prevent stampede-like situations, thereby enhancing safety levels significantly.

To further augment passenger assistance, dedicated help desks and counters have been established at key locations. Here, passengers can receive guidance and support for their inquiries, contributing to a hassle-free travel experience.

Eastern Railway’s unwavering commitment to passenger safety ensuring the well-being of passengers remains the top priority, especially during the busy summer season. As the summer rush continues, Eastern Railway’s RPF will continue to adapt and innovate, ensuring that every traveller reaches their destination safely and with peace of mind.

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