car&bike and Kalpataru Present a Unique Experience of Sustainability

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On the occasion of World Environment Day, car&bike proudly conducted a one-of-a-kind event that blended sustainability, and environmental stewardship. This exclusive event, presented by Kalpataru, featured a 150 km drive with 10 eclectic electric cars, that took participants from Kalpataru ParkCity township in Thane West to Kalpataru Aria, an upcoming weekend home destination, in Karjat. The highlight of this journey was a tree plantation initiative enroute aimed at contributing to and preserving the environment.

The event delivered an unparalleled experience as participants drove state-of-the-art electric cars from the premium and luxury segments, leaving zero emission, reflecting Kalpatarus commitment to sustainable living and practices. This initiative not only showcased the convenience and sophistication of these long-range EVs but also emphasized the importance of eco-friendly actions. The event saw participation from a group of guests comprising of CXOs and entrepreneurs, and, importantly, automotive enthusiasts. The group also planted saplings in Karjat.

“Automobiles and infrastructure, have always been in the news of when it comes to air pollution,” pointed out Girish Karkera, Editor-in-Chief, “A lot of work is being done by the stake holders to make a positive impact. The Zero Emission Drive was one such, aimed to create awareness on the efforts. From driving a convoy of high-tech automobiles with no tailpipe emissions, to planting more trees with our partner who is a leading infrastructure company, the message was loud and clear that we all need to do our bit for a cleaner world and inspire others to follow. My special thanks to all the car brands who volunteered with their machines and an enthusiastic bunch of people who drove responsibly.

At Kalpataru, we are dedicated to creating communities that thrive in harmony with nature. Our collaborative efforts with car&bike, such as the Zero Emission Car Drive and Plantation Drive, exemplify this dedication. These initiatives not only enhance environmental awareness but also strengthen community engagement, forging a deeper connection to sustainability. Kalpatarus dedication to a cleaner environment extends beyond singular events. With a rich history of partnering with Municipal Bodies and NGOs, we have consistently engaged in beautification and clean-up drives in public spaces, including local railway stations and beaches,Tirthankar Ganguly, Director Marketing at kalpataru.

About car&bike

car&bike is a leading auto technology platform with a focus to build India’s largest hyper-local integrated platform for content and commerce. The platform has been built on path-breaking auto programming & the most credible awards for the last 20 years. In a short span of time, car&bike has clearly established itself as one of the top auto portals in the country and the fastest growing one by far. The business offers technology solutions to all the stakeholders of the automotive industry at various points of buy and sell value chain.

About Kalpataru

Established in 1969, Kalpataru Limited stands as a distinguished Indian real estate developer renowned for its commitment to crafting exquisite, sustainable, and value-driven residential and commercial spaces. Boasting over five decades of expertise, the company has successfully delivered a remarkable 22.39 million sq.ft. of projects across nine cities. These endeavours include over 110 landmark projects, benefitting more than 19,500 families.

Kalpataru has earned global recognition, securing several prestigious awards for its excellence in design and quality. The company consistently raises the bar in real estate development, emphasizing ethics, quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With an unwavering dedication to innovation and customer-centricity, Kalpataru continually evolves to design spaces that resonate with the ever-changing needs and aspirations of its clientele. Beyond its business pursuits, Kalpataru is deeply committed to societal well-being. The company actively engages in various social responsibility initiatives, making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

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