Renowned Rabindra Sangeet Artist Poulami Majumder Launches New YouTube Channel

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Kolkata : Renowned Rabindra Sangeet artist Poulami Majumder has announced the launch of her new YouTube channel, dedicated to bringing Rabindra Sangeet to audiences in a fresh and innovative way.

In her first video release today, Poulami Majumder presents the song “Jeevan Amar.” The music production for this track was led by Surajit Das, under the esteemed supervision of artist Prabuddha Raha. The sound recording and mixing were skillfully handled by Gautam Debnath.

Rabindra Sangeet has always resonated deeply with Bengali listeners. However, Poulami Majumder believes that performing these songs in new styles can significantly increase their appeal to the younger generation. She remarked, “If you want to know Rabindra Sangeet, you have to know about all kinds of music to understand its feeling and depth.”

This innovative audiovisual approach aims to evoke a unique emotional response and inspire the new generation to appreciate and engage with Rabindra Sangeet.

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