Safety interaction Programme at Dumdum crew lobby

Eastern Railway Railway West Bengal

Kolkata : Indian Railway accord highest importance on Safety norms and encourage stringent compliance of laid down safety practices in Railway operations. Ministry of Railways frequently spread the message of zero tolerance about safety lapses also.

As a part of that continuous endeavour, a safety interaction program at Dumdum Crew Lobby. Deepak Nigam, DRM Sealdah along with ADRM/O, Sr. DSO, Sr. DEE/OP, Sr. DOM and Sr. DSTE of Sealdah division took part in the discussion to bolster safety awareness amongst field staff. A total of 55 officials including senior supervisors from concerned departments participated in this interactive session.

DRM Sealdah Nigam addressed the crew members and engaged in a comprehensive discussion on various aspects of safety protocols and best practices. The interaction was aimed to equip staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure their own safety and the safety of passengers during train operations. The program served as a valuable platform for open communication and exchange of ideas on critical aspects of safety practices. Shri Nigam appreciated certain good practices adopted by Dumdum and praised that the crew members are diligent, dedicated & capable.

During his return from Dumdum, Deepak Nigam boarded Hasnabad – Sealdah EMU local and interacted with the commuters to assess passenger convenience and to understand their feedback regarding ongoing infrastructure development projects in Sealdah Division.

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