3-D Selfie Booths To Be Available at Eastern Railway Stations

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Kolkata: Under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Government has set many exemplary records like launch of Chandrayaan-3 to introduction of Startup India programme. Now, Railways is going to showcase the achievements of the Union Government at Railway stations by installing 3-D Selfie Booths. In Eastern Railway, three such 3-D selfie booths have already been installed at Barddhaman, Sealdah & Barrackpore stations. Gradually, more 3-D selfie booths are likely to come up at different stations with different themes viz. Success of Chandrayaan-3, Digital India, Startup India, Ujjwala Gas Connections for the poor, Skill training, Clean India etc.

At present, 3-D selfie booths have been planned for installation at few important Amrit Stations over Eastern Railway network. Gradually, such selfie booths will be installed at more stations.

Enthusiasm has been observed among the commuters & tourists to take a selfie with such 3-D selfie booths available at Barddhaman, Sealdah & Barrackpore Railway stations. Now commoners can take selfie during to & fo journey through Railway at these 3-D selfie booths readily available at stations, availing an opportunity which is confined among privileged class who used to visit an expensive mall or any amusement park wherein such 3D selfie booths are generally available by spending plentiful of money at those places for luxury.

Moreover, such selfie booths are installed at safe & secure places with aesthetic touch to it and convenient for the passengers to access.

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