Sealdah Division Conducted A Massive Ticket Checking Drive

Eastern Railway Kolkata Railway

Kolkata: Sealdah Division is conducting a massive ticket checking drive including Magistrate and fortress, under the leadership of Addll. Divisional Railway Manager/Infra/Sealdah, Rajesh Kumar, Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager Santanu Chakraborty and Manoj Kumar Sr.DSC/Sealdah at Sealdah, Naihati and Barasat, Sonarpur station.

A total number of 2282 cases travelling without ticket or with improper ticket or with unbooked luggage were detected over Sealdah division and an amount of ₹7.61 Lakhs was realized from the offenders as fare and fine. Also 6 persons got prosecuted during this checking over the division.

The penal amount has increased 54% in comparison for the same day last year. This initiative aims to promote ticket purchasing and ensure a safe and secure travel experience for all passengers.

The Commercial Department is taking this proactive step to encourage passengers, especially college students to utilize the concession tickets offered by the Railways. These concessions provide significant financial benefits and help students to travel affordably.

Aim of this drive:
• Ensuring that passengers have valid tickets before boarding trains.
• Discouraging ticketless travel.
• Encouraging passengers to purchase tickets for a safe and secure journey.
• Purchase tickets before boarding any train.
• Carry valid identification documents for verification.
• Use concession tickets if eligible.
• Reduced risk of fines and penalties.
• Cooperate with the ticket checking staff and railway employees
• Contribution towards improved railway infrastructure and services of the nation.

Benefits of using concession tickets for students:
• Reduced ticket fares.
• Encourages travel for educational purposes.
• Provides financial assistance to students.

Divisional Railway Manager Deepak Nigam said that this ticket checking drive will significantly contribute to enhanced revenue generation and he appeals to all passengers to cooperate with the ticket checking staff and contribute to a safe and comfortable travel experience for everyone.

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