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Kolkata : Eastern Railway’s Sealdah Division reaffirms its commitment to the well-being and professional development of its female employees in the Operating Department with a recent initiative led by Akshat Malik, Sr. DOM/Sealdah.

In an effort to empower its female workforce, Akshat Malik hosted a counselling cum interactive session aimed at equipping female employees with essential knowledge to navigate the ongoing scorching heatwave safely and healthily. The seminar included sessions on hydration, heatstroke prevention, and appropriate work attire, providing valuable insights to ensure the safety and comfort of the staff during the challenging summer months.

Moreover, the seminar served as a platform for female employees in operations to openly discuss the challenges they face in their daily work. This open forum encouraged feedback and brainstorming solutions, fostering a collaborative environment to enhance the overall efficiency of the Operating Department.

Deepak Nigam, Divisional Railway Manager, Sealdah, emphasized the pivotal role of female employees in the smooth functioning of Sealdah Division. He stated that the seminar not only addresses their well-being during the summer months but also aims to create a more conducive working atmosphere for open communication and collaboration. With Sealdah Division serving a staggering 10-12 lakh commuters daily, the division is committed to providing safe, efficient, and reliable train services.

Sealdah Division remains dedicated to the welfare and professional growth of its female workforce and will continue to undertake initiatives to support their empowerment and development.

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