Redefining the Premium Economy Experience with Cathay Pacific’s Upcoming Fleet of Boeing 777-300ER

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Cathay Pacific, an award-winning Hong Kong-based international airline, is set to redefine the premium economy class experience with its upcoming fleet of Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. In a recent interview regarding changes to Cathay Pacifics new premium economy class, Cathay Pacifics General Manager of Customer Experience and Design Vivian Lo noted that flying premium economy means “more than a seat, but rather an experience”. With a focus on designing a premium cabin, the airliner has taken a more human-centric approach in designing the new premium economy experience for guests travelling on their upcoming fleet of Boeing 777-300ER.

Set to fully deploy in early 2027, Cathay Pacific made major changes to the existing premium economy experience that it has been providing for its passengers since 2012. These changes are designed to make long-haul flights more comfortable for its passengers, which means that Cathay Pacific has to adjust various elements, starting from the seat.

While the size of the seat in the new premium economy does not change, passengers will find that the new ergonomics of the seats are more accommodating. These changes include seat padding and leg rest, which brings comfort to travellers who are looking to rest, and the new wing-shaped headrest gives them a sense of privacy. Complementing this new headrest design, the LED reading lamp has moved from above the passenger to the seat, which accommodates the passengers seating position as they choose to sit up or recline. Lastly, the process of deploying and stowing tables in the premium economy class has been automated to buttons.

Cathay Pacific also opted to use this as an opportunity to change its entertainment system offerings. Passengers will be introduced to 156 inch 4K TV screens when flying in premium economy, with a new graphical user interface to complement this new equipment. Bluetooth pairing was another change implemented, allowing passengers to bring and use their headphones while enjoying Cathay Pacifics in-flight entertainment offerings.

To reflect this experience, Cathay Pacific has also elevated the dining experience for its premium economy passengers. The airline has partnered with various popular Hong Kong restaurant groups to cater to the ever-changing palettes of travellers. In addition to Italian comfort food Pirata and traditional Hong Kong flavours from Duddells, vegetarian restaurant groups Veda and Plant Sifu are also among these partnerships. This collaboration offers Jain meal options and plant-based options to health-conscious travellers without compromising Cathay Pacifics dedication in providing passengers with a high-quality and flavourful dining experience.

To complement their updated menu, Cathay Pacific looked closer to home for inspiration for adjustments to their wine selection. Working with several of Chinas leading winemakers, Cathay has updated its wine selection for premium economy passengers which includes Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafites Domaine de Long Dai 2020.

Topping up the changes to the premium economy experience include 2 dedicated washrooms for these passengers flying on the Boeing 777-300ER. As a vote of confidence, Cathay Pacific will add 16 premium economy seats to their Boeing 777-300ER models compared to other aircraft in their fleet. Aircraft models such as the current A350s are candidates for this retrofitting in the future.

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