Europe ‘Full of Character’: French Cheeses Take Centre Stage In Bengaluru

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The French Dairy Board (CNIEL), with aid from the European Union, successfully hosted a series of immersive events in Bengaluru, Karnataka. These events, led by master cheesemonger Francois Robin, were part of their Full of Character promotional campaign that celebrates the rich heritage, impressive quality, and lip-smacking flavours of various French cheeses.

Cheesemonger Francois Robin with participants at the workshop

A selection of French cheeses took centre stage such as Emmental, Mimolette, Comte, Blue Cheese, Camembert and Brie to name a few. Food influencers, industry professionals, and students were invited to these events with the aim to showcase the exceptional flavour, versatility, and appeal of French cheeses. As a part of the experience the Cheesemonger hosted a workshop and curated a buffet of French cheeses paired with the local Indian spices for a fusion experience.

We are immensely grateful for the amazing response that our Full of Character campaign has received in India this year. The events in Bengaluru were a wonderful opportunity to connect and engage with influencers, industry professionals, and budding chefs. This response and love for our variety of French cheese only strengthens our passion for creating and bringing exceptional quality products to the Indian market. We look forward to continuing this journey” said Emilie Martin, Managing Director of APAC at CNIEL.

Best Awarded Cheesemonger Francois Robin at the Networking Dinner addressing F&B Professionals

This year’s edition witnessed an influencer workshop where leading food influencers from the city indulged in an immersive experience with Francois who elucidated the variety and usage of French Cheese along with Indian condiments. This was followed by a networking evening for the senior professionals from F&B industry. The dinner spread showcased an exquisite array of French cheese-based dishes as well as French cheeses buffet and served as an excellent opportunity for people to connect and discuss the future of EU cheese in India. Lastly, a culinary workshop was hosted at the APCA Institute, where the cheesemonger shared valuable insights about French Cheese with the students.

Europe Full of Character is a three-year-long promotional campaign that pays homage to the artistry and craftsmanship inherent in European cheese-making. France is home to over 1200 varieties of cheese, and the campaign puts the spotlight on this diversity, the plethora of amazing flavours, textures, and aromas, that have made these types of cheese cherish-worthy delights on dining/snacking tables across the globe. The underlying aim is to continue educating customers about how they can embrace French cheese in their meal repertoire.

Students of APCA at the culinary training with Francois Robin

With this campaign, the French dairy sector further strengthens its commitment towards animal welfare and sustainability. France has been (and continues to be) a major milk producing country. Its temperate climate and favourable rainfall creates an ideal setting for meadows and fodder crops. The nutritious feed of the cows is made of fresh fodder and cereals grown on the farm, making traceability much easier. Plus the dedication of the farmers for animal welfare fair well for the cattle. All of this lend French milk its rich and incomparable flavour, the absolute condition to make tasty cheeses. Whats more The expertise of local farmers and cheesemakers. They ensure the milk is turned into high-quality, authentic French cheese, without harming the environment.

The French dairy sector is also participating in collective efforts to fight climate change and is working to reduce its carbon footprint. In line with the sectors climate roadmap, stakeholders are committed to reducing the carbon footprint by 17% per litre of milk leaving the factory by 2025.

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