World Alzheimer’s day commemorated at B. R. Singh hospital/ eastern railway

Eastern Railway Healthcare Kolkata State West Bengal

Kolkata: World Alzheimer’s Day was observed at B. R. Singh Hospital/ Eastern Railway today (21.09.2023). Medical Director Dr Indira Jha,  Consultant Neurology, Dr. S. B. Roy, Chief Specialist 2, Dr. Gopa Majumder and other doctors graced the occasion. 50 million people worldwide are  living with dementia and the global burden will increase to 150 million by 2030. Every 3 seconds someone in the world develops dementia, dementia is now a public health priority.

Addressing the audience Dr Koushik Mondol In charge / Neurology Clinic/B. R. Singh Hospital on early symptoms & treatment available for dementia and the need for urgent referral to a neurologist for reducing further cognitive decline.

Dr. S. B. Roy Consultant/ Neurology/B. R. Singh Hospital elaborated in detail on the clinical symptoms,  extent of problem and latest management available for dementia.

Dr. Jhunu Mukherjee, Additional Chief Health Director/Psychiatry/ B. R. Singh Hospital discussed on mental and behavioural symptoms of dementia. She also delineated on the warning signs of dementia, preventive and promoting steps to be taken for improving brain health, thereby reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s (and other dementias). Sticking to a plant based diet, regular physical activity,  taking care of your heart, avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol intake, enhancing social interactions  and engaging in more brain challenging activities like playing board games, chess, sudoku, crossword puzzles are helpful.

Medical Director Dr. Indira Jha emphasized on creating awareness and timely referral in such cases. 

Dementia is not an inevitable part of ageing and with early diagnosis and proper care the burden can be managed to a great extent.

The entire program was conducted and organized by Dr Kalpana Mandal, Additional Chief Medical Superintendent/B. R. Singh Hospital.

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