Desun Hospital Launches “The Heart Club” A Revolutionary Initiative for Cardiac Health

Healthcare Kolkata West Bengal

Kolkata: Desun Hospital announces the launch of “The Heart Club”. This ground-breaking initiative aims to enhance cardiac health and well being within the community by providing accessible and comprehensive care. “The Heart Club” introduces ten complimentary cardiac consultations for any three family members and an annual cardiac health check up worth 2,10,000 for any two family members.

Sajal Dutta, Chairman & Managing Director, Desun Hospitals Group, expressed his vision for ‘The Heart Club’, “We believe in the power of proactive measures and early interventions. ‘The Heart Club’ is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional cardiac care to our community. We aim to empower families to prioritize their heart health, ultimately saving lives.

Shaoli Dutta, Director, Desun Hospitals Group, shared her enthusiasm, “The launch of ‘The Heart Club’ reaffirms our dedication to the well being of our community. We are excited to embark on this journey toward better heart health, alongside our patients and their families” she said.

Dr. Sanjib Patra, Director – Interventional Cardiology, Desun Hospital, Kolkata, highlighted the importance of regular check-up and said, “Cardiovascular diseases pose a significant health concern. ‘The Heart Club’ is designed to make cardiac care more accessible, encouraging individuals to take proactive steps toward a healthier heart.”

Dr. Soumya Guha, Consultant – Cardiac Surgery, Desun Hospital, Kolkata, emphasizing the critical role of prevention, he said, “Prevention is key in managing heart health. Routine check-up and consultations are vital in identifying risks and taking necessary actions to prevent heart diseases.”
Further he added, “The Heart Club at Desun Hospital marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of better cardiac health. It not only provides access to top-tier cardiac care but also promotes a heart-healthy lifestyle within the community.

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