Medica Superspecialty Hospital shines a spotlight on prostate cancer survivors

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Kolkata: To mark Prostate Cancer Awareness Month this year, the Medica Group of Hospitals, hosted an uplifting gathering for survivors at Medica Superspecialty Hospital on 30th September.

The event, themed as ‘A salute to our triumphant warriors’ aimed to shed light on important aspects of prostate cancer, offering vital information and raising awareness about potential signs of the disease.

Approximately 40 cancer survivors shared their compelling life stories during the event. Dr. Abhay Kumar, Head of Urology and a Specialist in Uro-Oncosurgery & Robotic Surgery, along with Dr. Amvrin Chatterjee, Associate Consultant in Uro-Oncosurgery, were joined by Prof. (Dr) Subir Ganguly, Senior Consultant & Advisor in Radiation Oncology, in providing accurate information about prostate cancer and inspiring survivor anecdotes.

In the past, prostate cancer was primarily associated with individuals aged 60 and above. However, recent research has unveiled a concerning trend: prostate cancer is increasingly affecting those below the age of 50.

This shift represents one of the fastest-growing instances of early-onset cancer over the last three decades. Unfortunately, prostate cancer often goes misdiagnosed and mistreated, presenting a significant challenge. Timely and accurate detection is paramount in addressing this issue. The incidence of early-onset prostate cancer has been rising at an alarming rate of 5% annually.

The event and the interactive session took the viewers through clinically oriented topics ranging from defining the symptoms of this cancer to the technicalities of managing the same for well-being.   

Rajendra Prasad Pandey, a 68-year-old individual, recounted his health journey, saying, “I underwent a robotic radical prostatectomy on March 14, 2023 at Medica. I am now in control of the disease, with no further treatment required, only periodic urological follow-ups. I express my heartfelt gratitude to all the dedicated doctors who played a pivotal role in saving my life.”

Tuhin Jyoti Deb, a 67-year-old man, shared his experience, “I had a robotic radical prostatectomy on May 9, 2023. I am now in good health and no longer require additional treatment, just regular urological follow-ups. The care and support I received from Dr. Kumar and Medica were exceptional.”

During the session, Dr. Abhay Kumar, shared, ” Several misconceptions surround the treatment of prostate cancer, perpetuating unfounded fears. Contrary to these myths, prostate cancer treatment is typically straightforward, and in many cases, curable. Today, advancements in surgical technology, such as the integration of artificial intelligence and the use of surgical robots, have transformed the landscape of prostate cancer care. These innovations enable precision in addressing common complications like urine incontinence. Our primary objective remains the removal of cancer while preserving the patient’s quality of life, and the assistance of robotic technology has led to remarkable outcomes. Some may believe that robotic surgeries are prohibitively expensive, but at Medica, we have successfully performed robotic surgeries for patients from various socioeconomic backgrounds. This accessibility demonstrates that individuals from diverse financial circumstances can afford this cutting-edge treatment. In the past, patients often had to travel outside their communities to access such specialized care. However, our hospital now offers top-tier treatment locally, alleviating the burden on cancer patients and their families by eliminating the need for distant travel.”

On this occasion, Dr. Subir Ganguly emphasized, “Despite the concerning statistics related to prostate cancer, it’s essential to recognize the numerous opportunities for preventing, detecting early, and treating it effectively. Prostate Cancer Awareness Month serves as a pivotal moment for survivors, patients, and their loved ones to unite, share insights, and stay updated on the latest advancements in our battle against this disease. Together, we have the power to alleviate the global burden of prostate cancer. Let us also pay tribute to those who displayed remarkable bravery but sadly lost their lives. Today’s survivors gathering aims to convey the message that effective cancer treatment can enable individuals to regain a normal life, turning cancer survivors into beacons of hope. Always keep in mind, a positive outlook is our most potent weapon in this struggle.”

In recognition of the vital role that support plays in the fight against cancer, Dr. Abhay Kumar and his team have launched – Prostate Cancer Support Group. This group will convene monthly to share their journeys with those currently battling prostate cancer, providing motivation and camaraderie. Additionally, they will create a Facebook group to extend this support network further. The involvement of family and friends is invaluable in the fight against cancer, fostering a united front against this challenging disease.

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