Left to right - Dr. Sanjiban Patra, Dr. Rashmi Chand, Dr. Saswasti Mukherjee, Dr. Usha Goenka, Dr. Shaikat Gupta, Dr. Surinder Singh Bhatia, Dr. Suvadip Chakrabarti, Dr. Sayan Chatterjee, Dr. Arpita Sutradhar, Dr. Mukti Mukherjee

Apollo Cancer Centres Introduces India’s Fastest & Most Precise Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Kolkata: Apollo Cancer Centres (ACCs) marks a significant milestone in cancer care as it launches the highly anticipated ‘India’s Fastest & Most Precise Breast Cancer Diagnosis Program’ in Kolkata, West Bengal, reaffirming its commitment to advancing healthcare and women’s well-being.

This pioneering initiative aims to provide swift and precise breast cancer diagnoses, reinforcing the significance of early detection in mitigating the right treatment for a better survival rate, and enhancing quality of life for patients.

Left to right – Dr. Sanjiban Patra, Dr. Rashmi Chand, Dr. Saswasti Mukherjee, Dr. Usha Goenka, Dr. Shaikat Gupta, Dr. Surinder Singh Bhatia, Dr. Suvadip Chakrabarti, Dr. Sayan Chatterjee,Dr. Arpita Sutradhar, Dr. Mukti Mukherjee

Breast cancer remains a pressing global concern, having overtaken lung cancer as the most prevalent form of cancer in females worldwide. In India, it stands as the most common cancer among females in urban areas, constituting approximately 30% of all cancers.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the crude rate for breast cancer ranges from 4.5 to 39.0 per one-lakh population. Epidemiological studies have projected a persistent rising trend with almost 3 million new cases of breast cancer by 2040

It is a prevailing concern for women’s health, and timely diagnosis is the cornerstone of effective intervention. Early detection is paramount in the fight against breast cancer, and we at Apollo Cancer Centre, have achieved a great level of success in treating breast cancer diagnosed in the early stages. Breast conservation rates up to 60%, and are able to de-escalate therapy as per global evidence-based guidelines, hence offering our patients superior quality of life outcomes.

“Our endeavor is to redefine cancer care by offering swift and precise diagnoses, emphasizing the crucial role of early detection in ensuring optimal treatment outcomes,” Dr. Suvadip Chakrabarti, Consultant, Surgical Oncology at ACC Kolkatasaid adding, “The ‘India’s Fastest & Most Precise Breast Cancer Diagnosis Program’ integrates cutting-edge diagnostic technologies, including mammography, ultrasound, and biopsy, ensuring timely assessments of breast health.”

The primary focus is to alleviate the distress caused by prolonged waiting periods for results, adhering to the principle of “Earliest Easiest” in breast cancer management. Patients can anticipate rapid results, reduced anxiety, and most importantly, early detection—fundamental aspects that significantly enhance treatment efficacy.

This program includes advanced diagnostic technologies, including mammography, ultrasound, and biopsy, to promptly and precisely assess breast health. It is open to individuals seeking breast cancer screening or diagnostic services, provided they meet the necessary criteria. Its primary benefits encompass rapid results, reduced patient anxiety, and early detection of breast cancer—advancements that significantly improve treatment outcomes.

On the occasion, Dr Rashmi Chand, Consultant Radiology, ACC Kolkata, said, “The new program reflects our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing breast cancer care. Through the integration of advanced diagnostic technologies, we aim to empower individuals with swift and accurate assessments, emphasizing the pivotal role of early detection in enhancing treatment efficacy and fostering a better quality of life.”

Diagnostic tests employed are generally safe and minimally invasive, with healthcare professionals dedicated to ensuring patient comfort throughout the process. Cost variations may arise depending on location, insurance coverage, and specific diagnostic requirements, for which patients could reach out to Apollo Cancer Centres for precise information. In case of breast cancer being detected, Apollo Cancer Centres’ program is equipped to guide patients toward personalized care, connecting them with skilled oncologists and specialists for a comprehensive treatment plan.”

Dr Sanjiban Patra, Senior consultant, Histopathology and Oncopathology, ACC Kolkata, said “Our mission at Apollo Cancer Centres is to revolutionize cancer care through innovation and compassion. By harnessing cutting-edge techniques, we aim to provide patients with not just a diagnosis, but a pathway to tailored, effective treatments, ensuring a brighter outlook in their fight against breast cancer.”

Dr. Surinder Singh Bhatia, Director Medical Services, Western Region, ACC Kolkata, said “Launching ‘India’s Fastest & Most Precise Breast Cancer Diagnosis Program’ in Kolkata is a crucial step in our commitment to addressing the alarming statistics of breast cancer in the West Bengal region. With an increasing incidence rate of breast cancer, early detection becomes imperative. Through this initiative, we aim to empower our community by offering swift and accurate diagnoses, leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Our dedication to personalized care aligns with our mission to combat breast cancer’s rising prevalence in West Bengal, guiding patients toward timely interventions and improved outcomes.”

The program’s launch in Kolkata signifies ACCs’ dedication to bringing cutting-edge healthcare services closer to communities, ensuring accessibility and promptness in diagnosis and treatment.

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