Barrackpore Railway Station: A hub Of Connectivity And Comfort

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Kolkata:Barrackpore Railway Station rooted in British colonial history, retains its historical allure while embracing modernity. As a vital transportation hub, Barrackpore Station has served the community since its construction in the mid-19th century, connecting people and goods to the rest of the country. Serving a diverse community, the station accommodates a substantial 43,597 daily passengers.

Earnings Per Day (UTS): Impressively, the daily ticket earnings and season ticket earnings contribute to a total of Rs. 2,71,431.

Ticket Distribution (Shift wise):
Morning + General: 6,908 tickets
Evening: 4,063 tickets
Night: 776 tickets

ATVMs: 6 in number, facilitating 3,200 transactions daily.

Mobile Ticketing: An additional 2,575 tickets are booked through mobile platforms.

Average Earnings (PRS): The station achieves an average daily earnings of Rs. 1,49,681 with 169 ticket requisitions.

Parking Lots: 7 in number

Pay & Use Complex: Enhancing passenger convenience.

GMUs: 5 units

Goods Siding: With a private siding owned by the military, Barrackpore Station plays a crucial role in facilitating goods transportation.

OSOP: 01stall under OSOP scheme certainly succeeded to provide enhanced livelihood and skill development opportunities to local artisans and the supply chain of adjoining areas of Barrackpore.

The ongoing redevelopment under the Amrit Bharat Scheme, with an estimated cost of Rs. 26.7 Crores, is set to enhance passenger experience and station infrastructure. Infrastructure Enhancement includes upgraded waiting halls, improved interiors, and revamped concourse area. Commercial Revitalization with this scheme will led to increase in foot traffic which will in turn boost the local businesses. Redevelopment of Barrackpore under the Amrit Bharat Scheme will be major catalyst for the growth of ancillary services, promoting economic development.

Kausik Mitra, Chief Public Relations Officer Eastern Railway stated “The existing and upcoming improved facilities aim to create a welcoming environment, fostering socio-economic development in Barrackpore”.

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