Godrej Air O with affordable yet extraordinary car fragrance


Kolkata : Godrej aer, India’s pioneering brand in and home and car fragrances, announced the launch of its latest breakthrough innovation, Godrej aer O – gel based hanging car freshener. Aer O comes with a unique product design, this car fragrance range is poised to revolutionize the way car owners indulge in freshness on-the-go. It brings an invigorating and sophisticated aroma to cars, making your car smell as good as new. This is the first-ever branded hanging car fragrance in India at a disruptive price-point of INR 99.

As the car ownership trend in India continues to rise at approx. 9% CAGR, the affordable car segment (hatchback, mini-SUV, sedans) commands a staggering 55-60% share of the market. Godrej aer, India’s top-ranking air freshener brand, has identified the immense potential within the car fragrance category. With approximately 30% market penetration, this category presents significant room for growth as 70% still don’t use any car fresheners.

People don’t use branded car fresheners largely due to the high cost associated with them. Because of this affinity, some end up using unbranded car fresheners which hardly meet the desired standards of quality and experience and while some misuse hanging bathroom fresheners in the car.

Godrej Aer recognized the need for an affordable yet superior-quality car fragrance option. Godrej aer O, a pioneer in the car fragrance category for 10 years, boasts an innovative gel membrane technology that ensures a linear and continuous diffusion of fragrance.

This cutting-edge technology, coupled with the hanging format, provides a consistent and pleasant aroma that lasts for up to 30 days.

The built-in end of life indicator lets you know when it’s time for a fragrant farewell. Godrej aer O comes in three variants – Musk After Smoke, Rose Blossom, and Cool Aqua – each catering to distinct preferences and moods, thereby enhancing the driving experience and transforming the car interior into a personal sanctuary of freshness.

Speaking about the launch of this product, Shivam Singal, Category Lead – Aircare & Hygiene, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said, “Godrej aer O marks a significant milestone in our journey of redefining consumer experiences. As the car ownership landscape evolves, we recognize the need for an affordable yet exceptional car fragrance solution. With Godrej aer O, we are not only elevating the commute experience but also setting a new standard of affordability in the car fragrance segment. Godrej aer O is one such innovation that will improve consumers car riding experience as well as boost category adoption.”

Commenting on the innovation and category, Karn Bawari, Global Head for Category Direction and Development – Air Care, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), said, “Globally, the highest volume driver for car air fresheners is the hanging format – a trend which seems to have caught on in India as well. However, it is noteworthy that this space is largely dominated by unbranded options that either don’t give the right level of fragrance or last as long as advertised. With Godrej aer O, we bridge product delivery and affordability, providing consumers with a value-driven solution that is also aesthetically appealing.”

With Godrej aer O’s disruptive entry into the market, Godrej aer redefines the dynamics of car fragrances in India. The brand’s unwavering dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in this groundbreaking product. Godrej aer O is not merely a car fragrance but a gateway to a world of superior car fragrance, where daily commutes become a sensorial delight.

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