Eastern India Optometric Association organises workshop on “LVA In Retinal Disorders”

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Kolkata: Eyes are the best gift of God but its crucial role is neglected unless there is any difficulty in vision. Optometrists are the primary eye care professionals, who serve the society by the treatment for perfection of eye sight and vision.

At present days, health related issues are arising habitually owing to advanced lifestyle of people, affecting the human eyes in one way or another. As an awareness and continuous education program, Eastern India Optometric Association (EIOA) in collaboration with Renuka Eye Institute has organised a workshop on ‘LVA In Retinal Disorders’ at Renuka Eye Institute, Teghoria on 21st January. This workshop aims in upgradation of knowledge for students, interns and practioners for better patient management.

Dr. Anirban Chakraborti, Senior Opthalmologist, Renuka Eye Institute graced the workshop with his presentation on the topic. Senior Optometrist Moumita Hazra was the cheif speaker of the event and Senior Optometrist Sujit Banik, LVA & Contact Lens Specialist conducted the hands on workshop. An interactive session was led by Senior Optometrist Sushovon Nandi.

Optom Sujit Banik, Vice-President, EIOA spoke, “EIOA was established in 2002 and since then we have always worked for the benefit and upgradation of the optometry fraternity. We organise various free eye camps, awareness programs to promote consciousness among society and provide donations to underprivileged people for their basic health needs. Recently we have also started a non-profitable free eye check up centre run by our association members. We vow to continue the good work in the coming days.”

Senior Optometrist Madhumita Deb, General Secretary, EIOA said, “Today we have organized a CME Program on behalf of Eastern India Optometric Association at Renuka Eye Institute, Teghoria. The workshop is based on LVA in Retinal Disorders. Patients with diabetes or high blood pressure often have retinal problems. When they do not benefit from glasses, medicine or surgery, LVA treatment is used to provide minimum vision for the patient to work.”

She also added, “This kind of workshop on different alarming topics are coordinated by EIOA throughout the year, so that students and professionals get an opportunity to expand their knowledge through hands-on education and discussion, thereby reducing the chances of misdiagnosing patients.”

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