UCMAS Abacus West Bengal Reflects on Two Decades of ABACUS Excellence in Past “Beads for Peace” Rally

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Kolkata: UCMAS, a Malaysian-based company specializing in the whole brain development of children aged 4-13 through Abacus and mental arithmetic, celebrated its 20th anniversary of operations in West Bengal with the memorable “Beads for Peace” Rally.

Having initiated its operations in West Bengal in 2004, UCMAS has since flourished, establishing approximately 84 centers dedicated to fostering mental acuity and holistic brain development.

The “Beads for Peace” Rally, a significant event in the backdrop of the 20th-anniversary celebrations, stood as a poignant reminder of UCMAS’s commitment to nurturing young minds. The rally, at the UCMAS Jodhpur Park Centre, was a harmonious gathering that brought together children, parents, and esteemed personalities, including Mr. N. Anand, UCMAS WB Director.

Reflecting on the even N. Anand shared, “Our journey in West Bengal, which started in 2004, has been a testament to our commitment to the overall development of children. The ‘Beads for Peace’ Rally is a symbol of the values we hold dear – peace, unity, and compassion.”

The rally saw the active participation of children aged 4-13, showcasing their proficiency in Abacus and mental arithmetic – skills developed through UCMAS’s specialized training program. Participants and their families took part in a one-kilometer march, symbolizing a collective step towards a brighter, more harmonious future.

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