inDrive. Delivery helps users in Kolkata order on-demand express delivery

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Kolkata: inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform, operates in the largest metropolitan areas at the highest levels of competition. It also operates in small villages with a population of just seven to eight thousand residents which often have very weak internet connections and no maps. inDrive has the ability to successfully adapt to the needs of residents of any village, town or city. The app popularity is growing because of its unique people-to-people model and human driven approach.

“At inDrive, we understand the unique logistics challenges that small businesses and individuals face, especially as our daily life in cities is always in a rush, and having a reliable and quick service like inDrive.Delivery to send anything to anyone anytime is important. With around 70% of completed deliveries in Kolkata, we have seen not only people but also the small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs that benefit from our services thanks to its simplicity and speed of ordering and delivery”, said Rajat Patnaik, BDS Delivery, South Asia, inDrive.

inDrive reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to prioritising its unique approach of giving freedom of choice to people all around the world including day-to-day delivery of their packages faster. inDrive. Delivery is all about providing the best quality at the best price, challenging the monopoly of large companies that charge high commissions. inDrive enhances its product inDrive. Delivery, a service by inDrive to help users order on-demand express delivery. inDrive.Delivery allows people to set their own price for delivery. It is not only safe and reliable, but a super easy-to-use helper for businesses.

How the service works:

● Customers can choose the place of shipment and destination, and select a suitable option of delivery type. After that, the customer suggests the price.

● Delivery Riders can see the orders in the app so they can choose an order which fits them by price offered by the client and destination address. They can accept the order, reject it without any penalties, or suggest their own price.

● On the next step, the customer can instantly choose a rider from the incoming bids – by their rating, number of completed orders, distance from the pick-up point and offered delivery price. As soon as the driver is assigned, the pick-up happens quickly – usually, drivers arrive within 5-10 minutes.

The service aims to satisfy the needs of small businesses and individuals for the last-mile delivery of both small parcels and shipment within 20kgs, with same-day delivery available on demand. The top categories for inDrive. Delivery in Kolkata includes food, documents, spare parts, accessories, clothes, flowers and bouquets and gift hampers.

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