Marwari Catalysts Invites Applications for Fintech, Sports Tech/Gaming, Religion Tech, AR/VR, and D2C

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Apply now to accelerate your journey towards success with Marwari Catalysts and secure funding ranging from 25 lakhs up to 1 crore. With a keen focus on fostering groundbreaking ventures, they invite startups from Fintech, AR/VR, D2C, Sports Tech/Gaming, and even Religion Tech (Aarohan) sectors. This initiative aims to fuel innovation across varied domains, Dive into the realms of innovation with our curated categories offering unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive in Indias dynamic startup ecosystem.

Marwari Catalysts invites applications for THRIVE 8.0

Get connected with a group of over 100+ successful startup founders and business experts, backed by VCs, Family Offices, Angel Investors, and AIFs. They focus on building successful ventures and sharing their invaluable experiences. Through astute investments, strategic partnerships, and a visionary approach, our unwavering commitment to excellence has solidified our position as a leading force in fostering innovation and entrepreneurial growth.

MCats, through THRIVE 8.0, is dedicated to providing unparalleled support to early traction startups. Were deeply committed, offering invaluable connections with our alumni network, expert guidance, and a comprehensive array of resources to help these startups strategize for financial success and achieve their growth potential.

“After the triumph of THRIVE 7.0 where multiple startups came forward and joined Mcats in their journey towards accomplishment, we are back with the next season’s cohort, THRIVE 8.0. We have launched multiple new categories under THRIVE 8.0, Apply now and gain access to the resources and recognition you deserve,”Sushil Sharma, Founder & CEO, MCats.

“The initiative of the young entrepreneurs to enter into the world of AR/VR startups is commendable and we extend our support to aid their successful navigation through the early stages of entrepreneurship,” Vignesh Mohan, Chief Executive Officer IITJ, Technology Innovation and Startup Center (TISC).

Abhishek Garodia, Founder of,says, “At Captabl, we join forces with accelerators. Together, we embark on a collaborative journey, fostering a comprehensive ecosystem to guide startups through their growth stages.”We are expecting visionary concepts in Fintech with radical and progressive strategies.”

Koushik Sekhar, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur with over a decade of experience says, “Sports being popular with a wide audience has boundless possibilities and we are here to endorse the new age Sport Tech startups that aim at solving the contemporary issues of sports world and help the young generation achieve their gaming dreams.”

“Join our league of innovators! Applications for the season are now live. If youre passionate and driven, we want to hear from you. Apply now to be part of something extraordinary and unleash your full potential.”

Seize the opportunity to connect with mentors and potential investors, positioning yourself to thrive alongside us. Join THRIVE 8.0 and leverage MCats to nurture your ideas, expand your operations, and realize substantial growth. Visit our website for further details and to apply here “” to THRIVE 8.0s new categories and join a supportive community that fuels innovation.

About MCats
Marwari Catalysts, established in 2019, stands as the fastest growing startup accelerator. Our mission is to uplift both individuals and economies by nurturing and supporting startup ecosystems, with a particular focus on the often overlooked markets of Tier II and Tier III cities.

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