Implementation of Crew Management System (CMS) at Sealdah Crew Lobby Streamlines Guard Deployment

Eastern Railway Kolkata West Bengal

Kolkata : In another significant step towards enhancing operational efficiency, punctuality and safety, Sealdah Division has successfully implemented a fully online Crew Management System (CMS) at the Sealdah Crew Lobby under the guidance of Akshat Malik Sr.DOM/Sealdah and under the inspiring leadership of Deepak Nigam, DRM/Sealdah.

This much awaited digital transformation eliminates the manual process of guard’s login and logout, thereby leading to improved punctuality, accuracy and overall safety in train operations.

The CMS streamlines the entire crew management process, ensuring that train crews are assigned and deployed in a timely, transparent and efficient manner. This automation eliminates the risk of human error and delays associated with manual data entry and verification.

Nigam DRM/Sealdah said the implementation of the CMS at Sealdah Crew Lobby is a giant step towards modernization of Railway operations and it demonstrates our continuous endeavour to leverage technology for operational excellence and passenger safety.

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