Sealdah Division Organized Cleanliness Awareness Campaign at Hasnabad Section

Eastern Railway Kolkata

Kolkata : In an effort to promote cleanliness and hygiene at railway stations, Sealdah Division organized a cleanliness awareness campaign at Hasnabad section under the leadership of Santanu Chakraborty Sr.DCM/Sealdah and under the guidance of Deepak Nigam DRM/Sealdah. The campaign was aimed at sensitizing passengers about the importance of keeping railway stations and station surrounding areas clean.

During the campaign, railway officials distributed pamphlets and posters among passengers highlighting the importance of maintaining cleanliness. They also urged passengers to use dustbins for disposing of waste and avoid littering on the platforms and tracks.

In addition to this, counselling sessions were also conducted for passengers to educate them about the health hazards of spitting and urinating in public places. Passengers were also informed about the fines that can be imposed for such offenses.

Nigam DRM/Sealdah Said , sealdah division has been taking a number of initiatives to promote cleanliness at various stations across the division. These initiatives include regular cleaning of platforms and tracks, installation of more dustbins, and deployment of housekeeping staff. The division has also set up a number of awareness boards and signages at stations to remind passengers about the importance of cleanliness.

Sealdah Division is committed to providing a clean and hygienic environment for its passengers. Division appeals to all passengers to cooperate in its efforts to keep railway stations clean.

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