realme Teases its Upcoming AI Flagship Killer, realme GT6

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New Delhi : realme, the Most Reliable Smartphone Service Provider in India, recently launched the latest device in its highly anticipated GT Series. The return marks a strategized focus on the high-end market segment, two years after the last GT Series launch.

Sky Li, realme Founder and CEO, is determined to make a significant impact on the high-end market with the all-new GT 6 Series. Armed with the conviction to excel in flagship products, realme aims to exceed expectations in all aspects by leveraging their understanding of young users’ needs. The GT 6 Series is set to showcase realme’s commitment to innovation and quality, making it a highly anticipated release in the smartphone industry.

GT is Back with Ambition
Discussing the intense competition in the high-end smartphone market, Sky Li, Founder and CEO of realme emphasized that realme enters with a fearless spirit, building upon its existing performance strengths and aiming for breakthroughs in the AI arena. This strategic move complements the ongoing success of realme’s number series, showcasing the brand’s commitment to cater to a wider range of user preferences.

realme will be the AI Popularizer
The realme recognizes AI as the future of the smartphone industry, shaping the overall tech landscape. The emergence of the AIGC era will ignite a fresh wave of market expansion, propelling AI-enabled smartphones into a new phase of growth. “The competition in the industry will shift from hardware alone to a combination of hardware, software, and overall technological capability. AI is becoming the next hotly contested spot, AI imaging, voice, and interaction will be the three major trends on the future development of AI,” says Sky Li, in an insightful conversation with a global magazine.

realme is pioneering a new approach of human-centric AI for smartphones. Their “Next AI” approach goes beyond simply integrating AI features. It focuses on three key areas: imaging, efficiency, and personalization. realme takes a user-centric approach by innovatively enhancing the user interface (UI) to make AI features more accessible and user-friendly for young consumers. By combining real-world applications with intelligent algorithms and emphasizing intuitive UI design, realme empowers users to take charge and leverage the power of AI seamlessly. For instance, realme has optimized AI image processing for challenging conditions, making AI-powered photography accessible to a wider audience. This commitment to user-centric AI is underscored by the establishment of the Next AI Lab, the “AI+UI Popularizer Plan,” and the launch of Next AI technology IP. realme aims to deliver exceptional AI-powered features and innovative UI experiences at an accelerated pace.

realme is at the forefront of a new era, committed to investing in AI innovation and democratizing its use. Its latest release marks the brand as one of the first smartphone brands globally to fully integrate cutting-edge AI technology. This focus on AI for imaging and daily efficiency tasks empowers young consumers with accessible AI solutions. Looking ahead, realme plans to develop a comprehensive AI strategy that caters to the evolving needs of the young generation.

AI Flagship Killer
The original realme GT 5G launched in India in August 2021 and quickly earned the title of “Flagship Killer 2021” by leading media outlets. The new GT 6 Series promises to surpass its predecessors by a significant margin, offering cutting-edge technologies and shattering performance barriers.
After a two-year hiatus, the much-awaited GT Series made a thriving comeback in the Indian market with GT 6T and is already making waves with its unparalleled performance. With its Top Performing Trio comprising the Top Chipset, Top Cooling, and Top Charging and Battery, the realme GT 6T is truly disrupting the mid-high segment.

As the new member of GT 6 Series, realme GT 6 is positioned as the “AI Flagship Killer”, blending advanced technology with a state-of-the-art AI experience. GT 6 stands out in the smartphone market by seamlessly integrating advanced AI functionalities with top-tier hardware. Together, these features position the GT 6 not only as a leader in AI innovation but also as a benchmark for future smartphone technologies, making it a true “New Flagship Killer” in the AI era.

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