Full swing 3rd line commissioning work in Rampurhat – Chatra Section

District West Bengal

Kolkata: The eagerly awaited commissioning of 3rd line between Rampurhat & Chatra stations over Howrah Division is making remarkable progress. The extensive commissioning effort are anticipated to conclude ahead of schedule with completion expected by September 06, 2023. This heralds an exciting new chapter for the region, as normal train services are set to commence shortly after the commissioning work is finalized.

Suvomoy Mitra, Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS)/Eastern Circle has given his consent to inspect the newly commissioned 3rd Line on 6th September, 2023. After getting the necessary approval from CRS, the newly commissioned 3rd Line between Rampurhat & Chatra will be opened for running of passenger as well as goods train through it.

The commissioning work in the Rampurhat – Chatra section marks a crucial juncture in the expansion of the rail network. The meticulous planning, diligent execution and unwavering commitment of the project team have been instrumental in ensuring the swift progress of the commissioning activities.

Once the commissioning work is completed, residents and travellers can look forward to enhanced connectivity, improved accessibility and reduced travel times. The newly commissioned rail section will not only bolster regional development but also contribute to the overall economic growth of the areas.

The successful completion of this phase is a testament to the collaborating efforts of Railway engineers & staff and local communities. The safety and well-being of all personnel involve in the project remain paramount and stringent safety measures have been implemented to ensure a secure environment.

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