Khamree MO Sikkim Car Rally in Kolkata


Kolkata: The car rally team conducted a successful outreach programme at Indian Maritime University (IMU) on 09 October, aiming to inspire and educate college students about career opportunities in the Navy and the maritime sector.

These programs aimed to foster a sense of patriotism, instil discipline, and encourage students to consider careers in the Indian Armed Forces. As part of the outreach program, naval officers gave an insightful presentation on career guidance sessions, sharing insights about various career options within the Indian Navy.This helped the students to appreciate the naval way of life.

Earlier in the day, In a touching tribute to our nation’s heroes, an unforgettable interaction took place as the car rally team came together to express gratitude to the local naval veterans at INS Netaji Subhas.

The team  had the privilege of visiting the Lascar War Memorial where they paid tribute to the Sea Farers.

The team also interacted with the Maj Gen H Dharmarajan, AVSM, SM, VSM, GOC Bengal sub area on 08 Oct Kitchener’s House, Fort Williams, Kolkata.

The interservice interaction is a step towards the joint Manship and the aterisation of the Indian armed forces. On 10 October, the car rally was casted off to its next destination (Bhubaneshwar).

A Motor Car Expedition, Khamree Mo Sikkim! (Hello Sikkim) from INS Shivaji at Lonavala, Maharashtra traversing several states covering a distance of 6500 km is flagged off from INS Shivaji from 24 Septemner.

The event aims to promote participation of in defence services, enhance maritime consciousness in the region, strengthen nation-building and to Interact with Naval Veterans/ Veer Naaris enroute and with Army formations for better joint Manship.

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