Partnership with Indo-Euro Synchronization and German Varsity at Kolkata

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Kolkata: Ascensive announces a significant milestone in its pursuit of global educational excellence. On October 13th, Ascensive will be hosting a press conference at Kolkata Press Conference Center to mark the official collaboration between Ascensive, Indo-Euro Synchronization (IES), and German Varsity.

This collaborative effort represents a landmark achievement in the field of education, as Ascensive joins forces with two prominent educational institutions, Indo-Euro Synchronization (IES) and German Varsity. The partnership aims to promote cross-cultural learning and international education opportunities, bridging the gap between Indian and European education systems.

Ascensive’s collaboration with Indo-Euro Synchronization (IES) and German Varsity is a testament to its commitment to fostering international educational partnerships. This Indo-Euro collaboration is set to redefine the educational landscape, offering students diverse academic opportunities.

Ascensive claims to play a pivotal role in promoting Indo-Euro Synchronization (IES) and German Varsity across the Indian subcontinent. The marketing efforts will create awareness about the exceptional educational programs and resources offered by these esteemed institutions.

Under this partnership, an array of educational initiatives will be executed. These include Nano Master programs, International Recruitment drives, International Placement services, and collaborative programs with renowned institutions like Steinbeis University and Reutlingen University. Ascensive will also facilitate opportunities in Compounder education, Study Abroad programs, and Internship and Apprenticeship projects.

This collaboration transcends borders, bringing together institutions from India and Europe. It signifies the commitment of Ascensive, Indo-Euro Synchronization (IES), and German Varsity to provide students with a global perspective and access to world-class educational resources.

Abhijit Chatterjee, Director & CEO of Ascensive, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, “This collaboration reflects our dedication to empowering students with international education opportunities. We believe that through this partnership with Indo-Euro Synchronization (IES) and German Varsity, we can provide students with a transformative learning experience that will shape their future.”

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