Meri Maati Mera Desh Trains from Howrah and Kolkata to Delhi for the Amrit Kalash Yatra

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Kolkata: As the nation gears up to commemorate the valour of our National Heroes (Veers and Veeranganas) through ‘Meri Maati Mera Desh’ campaign which envisaged from 9th August 2023 as a culminating event of “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”, special trains are scheduled from Kolkata and Howrah stations to Delhi for the esteemed Amrit Kalash Yatra on 28 October.

Wherein passengers and enthusiastic volunteers will travel to support and facilitate such crucial national endeavours.

This Yatra symbolizes the harmonious convergence of diverse cultural, historical and patriotic elements, binding the nation together in a rich tapestry of shared values and aspirations. This significant event serves as a profound tribute to the unwavering dedication and sacrifice of our national heroes who have devoted their lives to the nation’s prosperity and well-being.

The motto of the ‘Meri Maati Mera Desh’ (MMMD) campaign is “Unifying India’s Pride, Preserving our Legacy,” embodies the essence of the program, emphasizing the collective responsibility of safeguarding and celebrating India’s rich cultural heritage and its illustrious history of bravery and resilience.

In embracing the sacred “mitti” of West Bengal, a land rich in cultural heritage and patriotism, the Railways, with its unwavering commitment, ensures a seamless and secure passage for the participants of the Amrit Kalash Yatra. Recognizing the significance of this journey in fostering national pride and paying homage to our remarkable national heroes, Eastern Railway remains dedicated to serve the spirit of ‘Meri Maati Mera Desh’ by facilitating a smooth and dignified travel experience for all the participants.

This initiative marks a collective tribute to the Indian Army’s valiant soldiers who have selflessly safeguarded the nation’s sovereignty, reflecting a profound sense of gratitude and respect for their indomitable spirit. In order to carry out this initiative, a number of volunteers and other locals have collected “Mitti” (soil) from the villages and blocks and place it at the block level for rural areas of Bengal.

In the same way, for urban areas, people have collected “Mitti” (soil) from various cities and distributed it in the municipalities or municipal corporations. Following that, this soil have been gathered from blocks and municipalities.

These Amrit Kalash is transported to create “Amrit Vatika” close to the National War Memorial in New Delhi, the national capital of India. This “Amrit Vatika” would then symbolise the commitment of “Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat” which aims to enhance interaction & promote mutual understanding between people of different states/UTs through the concept of state/UT pairing.

02381 Howrah – New Delhi Amrit Kalash Yatri Special train departed from Howrah station at 8.10 am. and another train for Delhi will leave Kolkata as 02383 Kolkata – Delhi Special at 4.55 pm hrs.

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