MakersLoft joins hands with Aakash Byju’s for 4th edition

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Kolkata : Tinker Fest held here today is an annual event dedicated to showcasing innovation and creativity through Robotics amongst school children. The event brought together over 350 enthusiastic young inventors of grades 1-10 from schools all over West Bengal.

The previous editions of Tinker Fest have engaged over 100 schools in various fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) challenges. Chief Guest, Tapan Misra, graced the event and educationists Debkumar Mitra, Sushobhan Mukherjee and Dr. Pulin Behari Chakraborty adjudged the various competitions that were held under Tinker Fest 2023.

A MakersLoft initiative, Tinker Fest 2023 features an array of STEM & Robotics projects from schools on the theme of Space. Meghna Bhutoria, Founder of MakersLoft and an INSEAD alumnus said “The objective of Tinker Fest is to create an inspiring environment for students to explore, experiment and learn about STEM & Robotics through hands-on activities. “

Aakash Byju’s spokesperson, Sudipta Chaudhury, the Chief Marketing Officer for West Bengal, emphasized that Aakash, a trailblazer in preparing students for Medical and Engineering Entrances, has dedicated the past 35 years to recognizing potential, nurturing talent, and shaping the careers of millions of students. Such events play a pivotal role in fortifying their commitment to promoting the study of Science and Technologies on a larger scale, reaching a broader audience of students.

At Tinker Fest 2023, students from grades 1-10 build exhibited interactive models to the theme of space, from rovers to space habitat to projects exploring possibility of life outside Earth. Students of grades 1-3 showcased their creativity using blocks in the Galactic Builders Challenge.

Grades 4-6 build robots that simulates mission Chandrayaan. Grades 7-10 have built and programmed robots that navigated through challenging off-road terrain, simulating rovers crossing harsh Martian terrain.

Others competed in Robo Wars a thrilling test of engineering, strategy and robot combat skills.
About Aakash Byjus: Aakash BYJU’s (Aakash Educational Services Limited – AESL) is India’s leading test preparatory company that specializes in providing comprehensive and effective preparation services for students preparing for high stakes Medical (NEET) and Engineering entrance examinations (JEE), School/Board exams and competitive exams such as NTSE and Olympiads.

Aakash has a pan India network of over 315 centres with over 400,000+ currently enrolled students and has established an unassailable market position and brand value over the last 35 years. It is committed to providing the highest quality test preparation services to unlock students’ true potential and achieve success in their academic endeavours.

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