Teen Overcome Severe Burns and Inhalation Injury with Expert Care at Desun Hospital

Healthcare Kolkata State

Kolkata : Yashika Saikia, a resilient 16 year old from Dibrugarh, Assam, recently faced an incredible journey of healing at Desun Hospital after sustaining severe burns, with her neck and face particularly affected. Admitted under the care of Dr. Mohit Kharbanda, Director of Critical Care at Desun Hospital, Yashika’s story is a testament to courage and compassionate medical attention.

Yashika had inhaled heated air, causing her respiratory system to swell and become nonfunctional upon arrival, as discovered by Dr. Kharbanda. An inhalation injury was identified, and a mild Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy was used to evaluate the damage by inserting a tube through her mouth to examine the injury. Yashika was then put on ventilation for support and underwent a bronchoscopy-guided intubation.

A tracheostomy was done once her condition stabilized to allow direct external air and oxygen passage to her lungs through a hole created in her neck. This all-encompassing strategy took care of the inhalation injury as well as the burns that covered about half of her body.

Yashika received attentive treatment for 40 days before being released, her wounds steadily recovering. Dr. Mohit Kharbanda was pleased with Yashika’s development and said, “Yashika’s journey is a beacon of hope.” Her perseverance together with the teamwork of our medical staff has led to an amazing comeback.”

Yashika is now living a normal life and attending classes, and she still sees Dr. Kharbanda for routine checkups. Her experience serves as an example of both the human spirit’s resiliency and the transformational potential of quality medical care.

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