Signal & Telecom Department Organizes Safety and Technical Seminar at Kanchrapara

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Kolkata : S&T Department of Sealdah Division Eastern Railway conducted a safety and technical seminar at Kanchrapara. DRM Sealdah, ADRM Operations, ADRM Infra and concerned branch officers attended the all important informative seminar for a comprehensive discussion on the reliability and safety related aspects of Railway signalling and telecom equipment during summer and monsoon seasons.

The seminar covered a wide range of topics and strategies to minimize possible faults caused by signal malfunction, relay issues, track circuit problems, level crossing gate failures, cable deterioration etc. The discussion further includes maintenance practices, redundancy provisions, and technological advancements like surge protection devices and data loggers. Counselling sessions were also stressed to address potential shortcuts and encourage strict adherence to safety guidelines.

Emphasis was placed on ensure proper drainage, cleaning and insulation of track circuits – particularly in the waterlogging prone areas.

Monsoon preparedness for S&T Equipments will ensure proper earthing, lightning protection, sealing of signal units, location box maintenance, relay room upkeep, cable protection etc.

DRM Sealdah Sri Deepak Nigam stressed upon the importance of such seminars which provides valuable platform for knowledge sharing and collaborative planning to ensure the smooth and safe operation of Railway signalling and telecom systems. This seminar exemplifies the division’s ongoing commitment to foster secure and productive work environment, achieved through continuous learning and proactive initiatives.

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