Exhibition & Panel Discussion on Film “The Stolen Star”

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Kolkata: The film “The Stolen Star” was exhibited on October 17th at the Press Club Auditorium Kolkata. The film was portraying the incident of suicide of 12 Year old Indian boy, Arka Chakraborty at Canada. The film screening program was organised to place an appeal to the Media, on an emotional platform, where the mother of the child fights for both legal and social justice in last four years, to reach the common people and generate awareness. The film creates awareness on bullying and mental health consequences on this child, and his emotional well – being not being properly addressed by the school and care – giving system before his demise, and the State machinery after his demise. The film portrays how the system fails to protect the child and raises questions on how the system contravenes the Universal Principles Of Child Rights ( UNCRC ) in case of this incident. The film also involve the analysis by eminent clinical psychologist Dr. Prasant Kr. Roy, Dr. Doyel Ghosh, and child rights advocate Erwin Elman and others, as components of this film itself.

The objective behind the film director Sourav Sarkar to make this film was to create a platform of conscious effort in the society, so that, such type of terrible incident does not happen to the children and their families in future. The system was unable to prevent the demise of Arka, while suicidal death is preventable, in practice. The film conveys the message that every school, family and care giving system should acknowledge the fact that bullying can happen in any institution, or towards any individual, and the proper mental healthcare support should be provided to the children, in a holistic manner. The film paints the mother’s cry, so that the society can prevent the case of similar children. The films also conveys the message towards the public institutions and State bodies not to flee away instead of facing the situations, and shouldering the responsibilities of emotional protection of children, who are susceptible to bullying, racism and other traumatic experiences in their lifetime.

The screening of the film was followed by a panel discussion by the film director Sourav Sarkar, renowned consultant psychiatrist Dr. Anirban Gozi, and psychologist Dr. Tinni Datta. Being suicidal deaths are preventable, Dr. Anirban Gozi stressed upon the indicators of suicidality, that might vary according to different age groups, which may be subtle but can be picked up if awareness is there. He also mentioned that suicidal tendency should not be equated with mental illnesses as multiple social, biological, genetic and personality factors create a complex etio-pathology of suicide. Discussion led upto responsible media reporting guidelines published by WHO for suicide, which has properly been exercised in this films as well. Lastly he thanked the team for creating awareness on such important mental health aspect. Dr. Tinni Datta mentioned that the film showed us the harsh truth of bullying. Those who do bullying are suffering from insecurity, uncertainty, and deprivation. In some cases inherent psychopathology sadism are prominent. They gain unhealthy pleasure from bullying. They don’t have any pressure from super-ego. They do what they like to do. On the other hand those who have been bullied are the victims. They suffer from loss, sadness, irritation. Sometimes vulnerability are there to commit suicide. Here in the film Arka has depicted this character. Kids need love, affection and security.  Impulsivity & inadequacy should be properly handled.  If they could be properly communicated, they would be the world of pleasure and memories to treasure for all.

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